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Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists
Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists


Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists is the private practice of Dr. Patrick M. O’Meara.  The office is located in Escondido, North County San Diego.  An orthopaedic surgeon is a physician who specializes in correcting problems involving bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Dr. O’Meara provides treatment for injuries and conditions of the neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle, and foot.  Dr. O’Meara treats arthritis, sports injuries, fractures, sprains, tendinitis, bursitis, nerve compression injuries, overuse injuries, and work-related injuries. 

Dr. Patrick O’Meara utilizes both nonoperative management as well as surgical procedures to provide optimum correction and cures.  Dr. O’Meara strives to deliver a rapid recovery with pain free function so that his patients can quickly return to work, sports, and their active lifestyles. 

The nonoperative management offered by Dr. O’Meara includes medications, local injections, bracing, physical therapy, specialized rehabilitation programs, patient education, and activity modification.  Dr. O’Meara’s nonoperative management programs are designed to allow his patients to remain active during their treatment and recovery.

The operative management offered by Dr. O’Meara consists of state of the art surgical procedures, most of which are commonly performed at outpatient surgery centers.  For procedures that require inpatient hospital stays, Dr. O’Meara supervises the care and provides one on one attention during the entire hospital stay.

Dr. Patrick O’Meara at Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists combines nonoperative management, state of the art surgical procedures, and specialized rehabilitation programs in order to provide the most comprehensive and advanced orthopaedic services for optimum results and patient satisfaction.

Serving North County San Diego

Palomar Orthopaedic Specialists

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Arthroscopic Surgery Sports Medicine Total Joint Replacement
Fracture/Sprains Workers Compensation Shoulder Care
Knee Care Hip Care Spine Care
Elbow Care Hand & Wrist Care Foot & Ankle Care